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Motivation is part of our life. Where we need to be motivated to walk every step of our life. So this is what I have discussed on this.


What are the definitions of Motivation, Types of Motivations?, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation. Why is Motivation so important, what is Motivation Theory, Content theory, and Process theory after reading these simple things, you will know so much about what Motivation is.


What is Motivation Define?


The word Motivation is derived from the word Motive (Motive-action). The word “Motive” means any of your wishes/needs in which your satisfaction will be.



The word “Action” means that you are ready to take action to achieve the need. It requires your motivation to achieve your needs, desired, and your immediate desire. That Motivation define.


The inspiration to achieve these desires and needs comes from our culture and society.


what is motivation define


For Ex.

A boy who wants to achieve a lot in his life. He wants to become a very successful man in his life. That child one day makes a list in which he writes all the things that he has to achieve. But whenever he goes to work, he fails in it and gets frustrated.


He leaves hope to do it. And he says that it will not happen to me because he does not know “WHY” he is doing “WHY” is not clear in his life. He wants to be a big man but he does not know “WHY”.


He does not have anything that will make him a motive to work. he can not be controlled his Mind Power.


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What is Motivation types?

There are 2 types of motivation. Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation.


Intrinsic Motivation


Because of the joy inherent in Doing this (Intrinsic motivation). When you want to do something with your mind. This happens with your internal inspiration and Self -Motivation is called Intrinsic Motivation


You do what you like. And while doing that you enjoy.


For ex. 

Internal Motivation comes from your inner mind. Anything that you do not get tired of doing. Which you can do 24 * 7 without getting tired, that would be internal motivation.


There are some people who like dancing since childhood, they enjoy doing them. Some people like to sing, but after a few days, they become their passion.



Extrinsic Motivation

You want to get something in your life, but for this, you need approval from someone. Extrinsic Motivation It comes from external purpose and from external factors is called Extrinsic Motivation. This is Major types of Motivation.


For ex.

External Motivation that comes from the outer side. After seeing others, we feel that we have to become like them.


This happens in every field, you are an employee of a company, you think you have to be like the CEO of the company.


What is Motivation Psychology?

We can elaborate on Motivation Psychology as that, the activities you do are initiated, guided, directed, and carried out continuously so that some of its desires are met and fulfilled. this is a type of Motivation Psychology that people have in today’s generation of life.


Why is motivation important?

If you want to achieve something in your life, then you must be self-motivated. You must have the internal motivation and you have to stop asking permission from others. Because this is the reason that stops you from seeking permission and keeps you moving towards your goal.


Your goals are the stepping stones to your dreams and to achieve them you need the inspiration to keep them with you. Motivation is not inhabited by everyone. That is why every person has to build with internal and external motivation Some people have very low self-esteem.


Some people believe that “I can’t do this” “It won’t happen with me ” Motivation is a source that can give positive views to the world. Motivation can get good thoughts made in the minds of people immediately. Motivation gives people the level of Leadership Mindset. Tell me one thing now,


 “Is Motivation Important?”


Of course  “Yes”


You cannot achieve anything without Motivation.


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What is Motivation Theory?

The principles of Motivation Theory are based on what motivates people and address specific factors such as personal needs and goals.



Types of Motivation Theories

There are multiple factors of Motivation Theory. Two major types of Motivation theories

  1. Content theories
  2. Process theories


What is Content theory?


It is a subset of Motivational theories that can elaborate on what factors motivate the people that are called a Content theory.

Content theories have 6 multiple theories:


  1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  2. Herzberg’s two-factor theory
  3. McClelland’s three needs theory
  4. McGregor’s Theory x and Theory Y
  5. Alderfer’s ERG theory
  6. Mayos Motivation Theory


Infographic of content theory


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What is Process Theory?

Process theory is a Subset of Motivational Theory that elaborated on what factors affect our behavior that is called a Process Theory. Process theories have 6 multiple theories:

  1. Adam’s equity theory
  2. Vroom’s expectancy theory
  3. Taylor’s motivation theory
  4. Bandura self-efficacy theory
  5. Skinner’s reinforcement theory
  6. Locke’s goal-setting theory


Infographic of Process Theory


Application of Motivation in Formal Education


There is a special kind of interest in motivation psychologists because they provide special roles in the teachings of students.


Motivation Application in education can mean something different like how they live their lives and how they behave with others.


 There are 6 types of Motivation Applications:


  1.  Indirect treatment towards specific goals.
  2. Leading Your Efforts and Energy in the Right directions.
  3. Increase the initiation of perseverance in different activities.
  4. Increase in Cognitive processing.
  5. Determine which decisions are being strengthened by the results.
  6. Increase leadership for better performance.



Motivation Application


what is Motivation Meaning in hindi

मोटिवेशन ये एक हमारे मष्तिष्क की धारना होती हैं। जिसे हमे अपने वश मैं करके सही दिशा की और लेके जाना पड़ता हैं। हमारी जीवन मैं हमारी आवश्यकताओं को ,इछाओ को पाने के लिए हमारे अपने मष्तिष्क का सहारा लेके उसे अपने कदमो पे चलने के लिए मजबूर करना होता हैं। इसकी प्रेरणा हमे अपने समाज और संस्कृति से हासिल हुए हैं। हम हमारे सफल लोगो को देखके प्रेरणा लेते हैं।

what is motivation types?

There are 2 types of motivation. Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation. Intrinsic Motivation Due to the enjoyment inherent in Doing this (Intrinsic motivation). While you need to do one thing together with your thoughts. This occurs together with your inner inspiration. You do what you want. And whereas doing that you simply take pleasure in. Extrinsic Motivation You need to get one thing in your life, however, for this, you want approval from somebody. Extrinsic Motivation It comes from exterior goal and from exterior elements

What is motivation psychology?

we are able to elaborate on the motivation psychology as that, the actions you do are initiated, guided, directed, and carried out repeatedly in order that a few of its needs are met and fulfilled.

Why is motivation important?

If you wish to obtain one thing in your life, then you definitely should be self-motivated. You have to have the inner motivation and you need to cease asking permission from others. As a result of that is the explanation that stops you from searching for permission and retains you shifting in direction of your aim. Your objectives are the stepping stones to your desires and to realize them you want the inspiration to maintain them with you. Motivation just isn't inhabited by everybody. That's the reason each individual has to construct with inner and exterior motivation Some individuals have very low vanity.

What is motivation theory?

The rules of motivation idea are primarily based on what motivates folks and deal with particular components corresponding to private wants and objectives. Varieties of motivation theories There are a number of components of Motivation Idea. Two main kinds of Motivation idea 1.Content theories 2. Process theories

What is Content theory?

Infographic of content theory

It's a subset of Motivational theories that may elaborate on what components that inspire the folks. Content material theories have 6 a number of theories:

What is process theory?

Infographic of Process Theory

Course of concept is a subset of motivational concept that elaborated on what components that have an effect on our habits. Course of theories have 6 a number of theories:

Application of Motivation in formal education

Motivation Application

There's a particular type of curiosity in motivation psychologists as a result of they supply particular roles within the teachings of scholars.